I Am So Over 6-Figure Launches

Is it just me, or are you over them too?

I am so over the loud, screamy, yucky feeling they emit. Rather than inspired or motivated, I am repelled. I don’t believe what they are promoting, and it makes me question their integrity.

Can they really honor this promise? Even if they made 6 figures with the technique they are promoting, they probably didn’t make it overnight or with one course. How can they make that promise to you? Does it bring out the best in people or make them falsely competitive? Do they feel empowered if they take the course but make less than 6 figures? I’ve begun to unsubscribe from those who bring this energy to my inbox or social media.

Don’t get me wrong. I like earning an income. I own my own NYC co-op off Fifth Avenue, like the freedom money brings, and the power it provides to share with others. But I don’t have to scream about it, or make it my raison d’etre.

My intention is connection. The affirmation and reward is income. I lead with my heart and the money follows. Closely. Manifesting magic. This is the way of a yin-inspired entrepreneur. A yinpreneur. Leading from deep inside, your most authentic voice, and doing the work for your life and business.

If you follow me, you know I am all about slowing down to speed up your success. In my personal life, I go for the homeopathic route over the western meds. I prefer sustainable over quick fix. It may take longer to heal, but it is without the yucky side effects.

In my marketing, in my life, I want deep connection and sustainable relationships. My intention is to live my vision and serve, while creating a business that grows organically. It is not only about the R.O.I. as Return on the dollar Investment. It is also the yin-inspired R.O.I. or Return on Intention. It must align with my values, my heart, and my desire to be a dedicated mom, friend, daughter, lover, and CEO (Chief Executive & Chief Enlightenment Officer) My experience is that this vibe + consistent practice = abundance.

This is the mindset I was in when I created my business. It grew out of the desire to bring retreat to more people, and give heart-centered, mission-driven entrepreneurs a way to share their message and grow a solid community of committed connections. An alternative to salesy webinars and 6-figure launches.

Some in your circle will be paying clients. Others will share referrals. All will bring love and energy to your circle, which will nurture those in the circle and ripple out into the world. I believe we need this more than we need to scream about 6-figure launches.